Delidel Touch roots reggae is seasoned with Cape Verdean ingredients such as the morna, coladera, tabanca and funana in feeling, rhythm, beat or textual. You hear pop, but also the typical rock sound of the port city in music.

The Rotterdam, creole reggae band, was founded 30 years ago. In the 90’s, Delidel Touch became the house band of the pop-temple "Nighttown" located on the West-Kruiskade - Rotterdam. They were many time the pre program of big names of the Jamaican reggae scene. The band has seen this always as an honor and they learn to stay close to the masters or as reggae ambassadors to welcome the Jamaicans in our city.

Of the 50 Delidel Touch repertoire, 20 are recorded in different stages and studios with different producers, both at home and abroad. From these recordings 12 own songs are selected for the mixing and mastering in UK, USA and Jamaica, soon to be released on LP. 

A full album has never been released in these 30 years, there has never been a compilation album, only the single singles and many live performances have stayed with the people. Now we want to honor our family and fans on a completely new album with new, unknown and old existing tracks on authentic vinyl.

In the summer of 2018 they come together again with a reunion of old and new band members to perform the Delidel Touch sound nationally and internationally. 
Delidel Touch is a "live-performance movement of bands". 
This 25 year jubilee year of this family band will finally bring everything together. 

The uplifting and reunion tour band consists of both new and original members of the first hour. 

One Love Rastafari blessings


Leadsinger:          Jorge Manuel (Cabo verde)  

Backing vocals:    Lily Spencer Salomão (Cabo Verde) 
Backing vocals:    Yorleni Faria Delgado (Cabo Verde) 
Backing vocals:    Natalina dos Santos da Graça (Cabo Verde)  

Bass:                      David Barnabella (Aruba Island / DWI)  
Drums:                   Urvin Doornkamp (Suriname)  
Lead Guitar:          Ifie Abdulgafoer (Suriname)  
Lead Guitar:          Hassan Aithmamoud (Marocco)  
Keyboards:            Erik Parisius Ritfeld (Suriname)  
Rhytm Guitar:       David Oron (Suriname)  
Keyboards:           Nausjaad Abdulgafoer (Suriname)  
Percussion:           Ras Tula Martina (Curacao / DWI)  

Trombone:            Jos Brouwer (The Netherlands) 
Trumpet:               Arjen de Groot (The Netherlands) 
Tenor Saxofoon:   André Frank (The Netherlands) 

Audio Technician: Niels Kloet (Holland)  
Tourmanager / agent / overall technician: Anibal Oliveira-Lizardo (Cabo Verde)  
Agent & manager: Judith Rietveld (The Netherlands / Cabo Verde)